Lounge - SCOM 2007 R2 Agent Deployment Script - Asked By Graham Kelay on 21-Oct-11 07:16 PM

Currently using SCOM2007 R2 with CU5. Many of the managed servers are still showing CU2 even after reboot.
Want to redeploy the agent to approx 200 managed windows server machines that are showing old agent version in console. They must have initially been manually installed as repair option is grayed out.

Need a script to do this but don't have any scripting experience, can anyone assist?


Anoop S replied to Graham Kelay on 22-Oct-11 01:17 AM
Was this agents installed manually or through push-install?
By design, manually installed agents cannot be remotely managed in OpsMgr 2007 R2 release. Is it your case?

Just try this

UPDATE MT_HealthService
SET IsManuallyInstalled=0
WHERE IsManuallyInstalled=1

reference :


Graham Kelay replied to Graham Kelay on 23-Oct-11 07:41 AM
Thanks for the replies, the management group is AD integrated although this has just been put in so none of the currently managed clients are using that method. Think most of the machines must have had a manual install hence i cannot use the console to push new updated agent to these machines.

Really looking for a Powershell or vbscript or even a utility to reinstall the SCOM Agent on the machines that are not showing CU5 patch level. Ideally the script will reference a text file with the server hostnames.

Asked By Graham Kelay on 23-Oct-11 07:42 AM
Don't want to create another Management group and add other servers as this isn't an option.
Sri K replied to Graham Kelay on 23-Oct-11 08:39 AM
Yes you need not to do like this
Graham Kelay replied to Sri K on 23-Oct-11 02:01 PM
Do you have a script to redeploy SCOM agent to multiple windows servers?