Other Languages - Dynamics AX - Asked By Anuradha Pandrangi on 25-Oct-11 10:05 AM


I am trying to get the menu item name when i click on the "Vendors on hold" form on the Area page of "Accounts Payable".

I am able to get the form of the menu, but the problem is VendTableListPage form is used for all the menus under Accounts Payable -> Common > vendors

So differentiate which menu is called i want to get the Menu item name. For example the Menu item name of

All vendors  is VendTableListPage

Vendors on hold is VendTableholdListPage.

So when i click on the menu Vendors on hold on the area page i would like to get the menuItemName 'VendTableholdListPage'

Thanks in advance for your help,

Sri K replied to Anuradha Pandrangi on 29-Oct-11 12:15 PM