SQL Server - missing storage folder in sql server management studio

Asked By shah zeb on 26-Oct-11 05:30 AM
i have installed sql server 2008 express with Advanced Services.
i Asked in this forum that in the management studio when i expand the database tree i dont see
storage folder.
I was given the suggestion to install sp1.
I did that but i still cant see storage folder.
When i type in the below statment to find if it is full text enabled i get true.


But i can't see the storage folder?
What should i do?

Venkat K replied to shah zeb on 26-Oct-11 06:12 AM
Is the product installed sucessfully, try uninstall and install it again using Admin access. Use the link specified below to install the correct version of SP1


shah zeb replied to Venkat K on 26-Oct-11 06:31 AM
i already gone through this link
But no gains.
Yes product is successfully installed