VB 6.0 - Reading DATA From Device Attached to USB

Asked By shekhar jog on 26-Oct-11 08:38 AM
I want to read data from device attached to USB port. How this is possible

smr replied to shekhar jog on 26-Oct-11 09:57 AM

To Read/Write From USB Port, u will have to use "MSComm" Control. 
Check this Link : 



dipa ahuja replied to shekhar jog on 26-Oct-11 10:34 AM
To get you started I can tell you that most USB drives when plugged in are seen as "removable" hard disks which will be a slam dunk but some are also seen as "fixed" which may look like other hard drives. In this case you can check the bus type of the drive to see if it is usb and you will have your answer. The first step in your journey can be helped using this code found at...


Don't worry the code there is VB 6. The second part is for the select case "fixed" determining the type of fixed drive you have there. That is where you will need to determine the bus type.

Hope this helps!

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