VB 6.0 - DataGrid - Asked By Rusty on 26-Oct-11 11:47 AM

I have a DataGrid with 2 columns, Model Number and Priority Exchange. The Priority Exchange column is True or False and I need it to change to False if currently True or True if currently False. How do I do this? My Data Grid uses a disconnected recordset that I build in run time, there is no database involved.
Venkat K replied to Rusty on 26-Oct-11 12:03 PM
Why can't you change the cell text directly with two conditions once binded:

if dggrid.Rows(DGVRow).Cells(1).Value ="True"
  dggrid.rows(DGVRow).Cells(1).Value = "False"

if dggrid.Rows(DGVRow).Cells(1).Value ="False"
dggrid.rows(DGVRow).Cells(1).Value = "True"

Rusty replied to Venkat K on 26-Oct-11 12:09 PM
There is only a DataGrid.Row not a DataGrid.Rows. I am using the Microsoft DataGrid Control 6
dipa ahuja replied to Rusty on 26-Oct-11 02:29 PM
try something like :

datagrid1.Columns(1).Cells(1).Value = False
Rusty replied to dipa ahuja on 26-Oct-11 02:34 PM
What I ended up doing in datagrid.Columns(1).Text. The Data Grid version 6 in VB 6 has no .Cells property or method only .CellText or .CellValue.