Windows Vista - Acces to webkinz - Asked By Grahame Connell on 28-Oct-11 06:26 AM

Hi there
I have my grand kids staying with me and they have been trying to access webkinz.With a struggle I managed to link up with it yesterday but sustained efforts today have been unsuccessful.Everytime we input user name and password we get a  internet not working message.Could my McAfee sytem have something to do with this?Would McAfee also be to blame for my failure to be able to print off some online Ryanair boarding cards  recently?In the end had to get travel email them.Many thanks-GC
dipa ahuja replied to Grahame Connell on 28-Oct-11 06:57 AM
I don't think MCAfee can cause such problem. But first remove all the history, saved password from your browser and then try to login in the site.

and the error of internet not working have many reasons, may be your connection problem, site problem or anything.

If the site is safe then none of anti virus or browser prevent you to access it