ASP.NET - Need an idea in interface design - Asked By shah zeb on 31-Oct-11 03:41 AM

i want to design an interface for formula creation.
Example Suppose A-level, O-Level , Test Marks . Interview Marks are the fields which can be used  to configure merit formula.
for instance an administrator want to configure formula as,
70%(40%  A-Level + 10% O-Level + 50%  Metric) + 30%  Interview.
If he wants to do some other way he should  be able to do so.
I want a few ideas on Design of the interface which should be given to Administrator to configura formulas like this.
I will really appreciate if anybody gives me a hint in managing the problem well.

Kirtan Patel replied to shah zeb on 01-Nov-11 02:01 PM
you should provide simple Text Editor in which user can provide formula and some Buttons by which user can append values like this 

(40%  <A-Level> + 10% <O-Level> + 50%<Metric>) + 30% <Interview>
here <A-Level> , <O-Level> etc are Fields /Text Added to Editor when user pressed buttons here angular bracket is used to separate normal text with out Formula Syntax so it will be easy to parse if that symbol is used in formula you can choose some other like #.this type of text insertion should be done using buttons as there is max possibility where user can make mistake while typing those while creating formula after that you need to parse the formula for Appropriate numbers( ie percentages ) and make calculation .

also if you will not provide buttons to insert Text you can alternatively provide intellisense like Text Completion which avoids mistakes while taking formula input from the use .

you can take Ideas about UI from other maths editors like

also you can take Formula Making interface Idea From Microsoft Math Like software which provide same kind of Interface.