Networking - Internet Connection - Asked By RAMAKRISHNA T on 31-Oct-11 09:21 AM

Normally I am connecting to network connection by using Mobile phone via NOKIA PC Suite.  In this the status is connected.  But the problem in Network ICON shows is as follows then that time I con't able to browse any thing.  Whats problem please clarify me.  When that Yellow notation shows.  Then that time I can't able to browse any thing.  Please clarify why that problem.
Reena Jain replied to RAMAKRISHNA T on 31-Oct-11 09:26 AM

Most Nokia devices come with a cable for connecting the device to the USB port or serial port of a computer. Cable is the most convenient choice for transferring large files.
  1. Open the main window of Nokia PC Suite and select Click here to connect a phone.
  2. The Get connected wizard opens, and select Next to continue.
  3. Select Cable connection and Next to continue.
  4. Connect one end of the cable to a cable port on PC and the other end to the device.
  5. Some Nokia devices may ask you for the connection mode you want to use. Depending on the available options, select PC Suite, Nokia mode, or the default option.
  6. Once your device is successfully connected, select Finish to close the wizard.
hope this will help you
smr replied to RAMAKRISHNA T on 31-Oct-11 09:31 AM

follow these steps

  1. Connect first your device with your PC with the appropriate connection mode.
  2. Open the Main Window of Nokia PC Suite and select Connect to the Internet application.
  3. One Touch Access opens and connects you to the Internet.
  4. To disconnect, select disconnect or close the One Touch Access application.

dipa ahuja replied to RAMAKRISHNA T on 31-Oct-11 11:02 AM

Right click the network card that is connected to your broadband modem (and not the card with the yellow exclamation mark) and, from the list that will show up, choose Properties. Then, on the window that will be opened, click on Advanced tab.

There check the “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection” box and make sure to uncheck the “Allow other network users to control or disable the shared Internet connection”, see below image. Click on Ok after doing this configuration.

If you are sharing a dial-up connection, this procedure should be done at your dial-up connection.