Lounge - PrintMulti.ini - Asked By Zemach Vana on 02-Nov-11 04:27 PM

Dear All,


I have a  HP Plotter 1050cm , i need to print the job to  plotter (hardcopy) and at the same time to print it folder/ save it and archive it, for later use.

The second ask is how to configure the Printmulti.ini for print simultaneously to 2 plotters the same plt job.

Can you guide me how to configure the printer/printmulti.ini to get results?

Please Advice

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Zemach Vana

Riley K replied to Zemach Vana on 02-Nov-11 10:24 PM

I have found this in one of the sites

To test  PrintMulti, we recommend installing a local printer, which prints to a single file (see the example)
The following conditions must also be met to use PrintMulti:
1. The PrintProcessor ”PrintMulti“ must be assigned to the printer in the advanced options dialog.
2. The relevant configuration file must contain a section for the printer, the Entry ”Active“ must be set to ”1“ and 
at least one action has to be defined.

You can refer this detailed doc on how to configure PrintMulti