ASP.NET - textbox cannot be assigned values - Asked By anbu n on 04-Nov-11 05:24 AM

here i generate dynamic table in modal pop up, during first time show of modal pop up , i do some calculation in
javascript and the output can be assigned to text box.....
but during second time or third time of modal pop up show .... i can able to calculate the values in java script,
and i also have put the output value in text box named textbox1 .......... here i 've added the textbox1 to alert , and i can see the result but the result is not getting assigned to textbox1 ............ only old values stay in textbox1 ..... whereas in alert(textbox1 .value) .. i can see the values i.e, output result  .... but i can't see the output value in textbox1

Suchit shah replied to anbu n on 04-Nov-11 05:30 AM
first u need to clear the old value then and then you need to assign new value.. so on close of modal popup clear the old value and when show again bind it with new value... i also faced same issue i follow on this way and i would be able to solved the issue