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how to do research
Kirtan Patel replied to saritha sari on 06-Nov-11 07:41 AM
go to homepage >> and Click Search Link on Navigation bar 

Suchit shah replied to saritha sari on 06-Nov-11 07:45 AM
It is important that you start the main activities of the research --- experimentation, or survey, or simulation, or data analysis --- sooner rather than later. A common mistake is to think and plan and read, and never get round to the main game. When you start, you may find that the real difficulties and issues are quite different from what you thought in the abstract.
Research has several components, for example: thinking of the question, answering the question, communicating the answer. It may be worth mentioning that not all of these are essential.
There's no-one else to do the project for you. Very likely, there's no-one who will give you any help. You're the one who cares, the drive has got to come from within you. You're the one who knows how to answer the question, no-one else knows as much.The above is not the whole truth --- as your project evolves, you'll find yourself receiving technical help, wisdom, and emotional support from a great many people --- but you need to be aware that self-reliance is vital.

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