Lounge - Lexmark6530 only prints one page of 5 pages on microsoft word 2003

Asked By Beulah Raper on 06-Nov-11 11:22 AM
Lexmark6530 only prints 1 page out of 5 and deletes the rest of the job.
Suchit shah replied to Beulah Raper on 07-Nov-11 01:01 AM
Please follow the steps given below to change the spool data format: 
1. Click on "Start," "Control Panel," "Hardware and Sound" and "Printers." 
2. Then, right click on the Lexmark printer icon and left click "Properties." 
3. Either on the "Advanced" tab or the "General" tab for some models, there is a "Print Processor" button, left click it. 
4. This is the spool format setting. It should be set to the default to "LEMF." Change it to "Lexmark." Under "Default datatype," select "NT EMF 1.008." 
5. Click "OK" and exit back out to your desktop. 
6. Please try printing again.

Try changing Printer properties (Control Panel\Printers) and click Advanced\Printer Processor button. Here you can try to change Printer processor: WinPrint, ModiPrint, hpzpplhn, LMPRTPRC.
You can also try to deactivate 'Enable advanced printing features' in the printer, advanced, properties...
Anil Kumar replied to Beulah Raper on 07-Nov-11 06:06 AM
Hi all,

Beulah, try reinstalling the printer. Generally upgrading the printer drivers also solves such problems. Try out upgrading as well.

Do update us again.

Thank you
Jitendra Faye replied to Beulah Raper on 07-Nov-11 06:39 AM

Let's reset the printing system:

- Sys Prefs, Print & Fax
- Right (control) click the print queue area and select Reset Printing System.
- Select the plus sign to re-add it. Look for the printer, select it and wait until the "Add" button becomes available. Click it. Try this and let me know.
Chintan Vaghela replied to Beulah Raper on 10-Nov-11 04:15 AM

1) Go to Control Panel

2) Select System and Maintenance

3) Select Administrative Tools

4) Double-click on Services

5) In the list of services, scroll down until you find one called "Print Spooler"

6) Right-click on "Print Spooler" and select "Restart"

7) The "deleted" jobs will disappear and any queued jobs in your print queue will print


Hope this helps. I figured it out on my own without any assistance from the paid professionals.


One other thing I had tried prior to doing these steps. I went into the C:\Windows\system32\spool\ folder and right clicked on the PRINTERS folder, remove the read-only bit in the properties. This may be required in order to allow you to restart the Print Spooler service. Try steps 1-7 first, if they don't work. Change the read-only stuff and try again.