Windows Vista - My Sympatico messages blocked - Asked By William Harold Fuller on 09-Nov-11 04:42 PM

1. I sent a message with too many attachments, causing Sympatico to shut down and bloack all my messages. I wish to delete the overloaded file so I can start over again with smaller messages. Please help. I can't send ANY messages! 
2. Also, an annoying message drops down every minute, telling me "Some errors occured while processing the requested requested tasks." Each time, there have been no errors, and I do not wish to see this annoying message again.
Thank you for helping an 86-year-old grandfather!
--Harold Fuller
Riley K replied to William Harold Fuller on 09-Nov-11 08:38 PM

To make Outlook Express send mail again:

Check your outgoing mail server settings.
Select Tools | Accounts... from the menu, highlight the desired account and click Properties.

Make sure the correct server name is entered under Outgoing mail (SMTP): on the Servers tab.
On the same tab, verify My server requires authentication is checked if needed (which is typically the case). Under Settings..., you can specify a user name and password different from your incoming mail credentials.

On the Advanced tab, make sure This server requires a secure connection (SSL) is checked under Outgoing mail (SMTP): if your outgoing mail connection must be encrypted.

Check the port under Outgoing mail (SMTP):, too. Typical ports include "25" and "465"

Make sure your Sent Items folder is not overly large.

The folder can hold 2 GB at most. To check the size, go to your Outlook Express store folder and examine the Sent Items.dbx file's size.
Move messages from the Sent Items folder in Outlook Express to another folder. Set up folders for all mail sent in a year, for example.
Make sure you compact folders manually after moving messages.

Rename a corrupt Outbox.dbx file.

With Outlook Express closed, open your Outlook Express store folder in Windows Explorer and rename the Outbox.dbx file to "Outbox.old".
Note that you can no longer access any messages in your "old" Outbox folder.
If the renaming has fixed your delivery problems, you can delete the Outbox.old file.

Try these and let me know