Windows 7 - Remote desktop connection - Asked By Daniel on 11-Nov-11 11:39 AM

Hi!How to work with the remote desktop connection?can someone help to work with it step by step.If there are video tutorial or link you can give it to me.thanx!
dipa ahuja replied to Daniel on 11-Nov-11 12:27 PM
Follow the steps to enable the remote connection

  1. Open SQL Server Configuration Manager. Click Start -> Programs -> Microsoft SQL Server 2008 -> Configuration Tools ->SQL Server Configuration Manager.
  2. On SQL Server Configuration Manager, select SQL Server Services on the left window. If the state on SQL Server Browser is not running, you have to configure and start the service. Otherwise, you can skip to step 6.
  3. Double-click on SQL Server Browser, the Properties window will show up. Set the account for start SQL Server Browser Service. In this example, I set to Local Service account.
  4. On SQL Server Browser Properties, move to Service tab and change Start Mode to Automatic. Therefore, the service will be start automatically when the computer starts. Click OK to apply changes.
  5. Back to SQL Server Configuration Manager, right-click on SQL Server Bowser on the right window and select Start to start the service.
  6. On the left window, expand SQL Server Network Configuration -> Protocols for SQLEXPRESS. You see that TCP/IP protocol status is disabled.
  7. Right-click on TCP/IP and select Enable to enable the protocol.
  8. There is a pop-up shown up that you have to restart the SQL Service to apply changes.
  9. On the left window, select SQL Server Services. Select SQL Server (SQLEXPRESS) on the right window -> click Restart. The SQL Server service will be restarted.
  10. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the SQL Server 2008 Express.
  11. Right-click on the SQL Server Instance and select Properties.
  12. On Server Properties, select Security on the left window. Then, select SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode.
  13. Again, there is a pop-up shown up that you have to restart the SQL Service to apply changes.
  14. Right-click on the SQL Server Instance and select Restart.
  15. That’s it. Now you should be able to connect to the SQL Server 2008 Express remotely.

Kirtan Patel replied to Daniel on 11-Nov-11 12:42 PM
Step 1:Click Start, and then right-click My Computer.
Step 2:On the shortcut menu that appears, click Properties.
Step 3:Click the Remote tab, and then click to select the Allow users to connect remotely to this computer check box.
Setp 4:When you are prompted to confirm this change, click OK.
Step 5:Click Select Remote Users, and then click Add to specify additional user accounts to be granted remote access.
NOTE: Administrators are automatically granted remote access privileges.
Step 6: When you are finished adding user accounts, click OK. Make sure that the account that is being added does actually exist on the remote computer. If the account does not exist on the remote computer, create it.
Click OK, and then click OK again.
Suchit shah replied to Daniel on 12-Nov-11 01:24 AM
To turn on the Remote Desktop Web Connection, follow these steps:
  1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
  2. Double-click Add/Remove Programs.
  3. Click Add/Remove Windows Components.
  4. Click Internet Information Services, and then click Details.
  5. Click World Wide Web Service, and then click Details.
  6. Select the Remote Desktop Web Connection check box, and then click OK.
  7. Click OK on the Internet Information Services screen.
  8. Click Next on the Windows Components Wizard screen.

Note If you cannot connect to the remote computer after you follow these earlier steps, make sure that Remote Desktop is turned on. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click the My Computer icon on the desktop, and then click Properties.
  2. Click the Remote tab.
  3. Make sure that the Allow users to connect remotely to this computer check box is selected, and then click OK.
  4. Try to connect to the remote computer again.

And if u want to see the Video of Remote desktop Conntion then you may watch on :