ASP.NET - Video conferencing - Asked By Rajiv Sharma on 12-Nov-11 11:59 AM


Is it possible to integrate video conferencing in asp .net if yes than please give suggest me few links any kind of help is most appreciated.

dipa ahuja replied to Rajiv Sharma on 12-Nov-11 12:05 PM

If you are trying to add video chat using 3rd party chat softwares User plane is a good option..

They have a free edition with ads which you can easily add to your website..

Also i advice you to use the Silverlight Application for video Conferencing:

I would like to suggest you to check the link below for the sample:

Here is a similar which provides some solutions for the same issue ,please check it and see whether it helps.

Hope it can help you.


Riley K replied to Rajiv Sharma on 12-Nov-11 08:25 PM

There are not built in classes to do this, you got to use a third party tool for integration

refer this link

And it is very easy using SIlverLight,

Suchit shah replied to Rajiv Sharma on 13-Nov-11 02:05 AM
Create ActiveX control..

the above link use window App


U may laso Try..



u may use webcam..
Kirtan Patel replied to Rajiv Sharma on 13-Nov-11 04:07 AM
you can use some Free Flash Application that provide same kind of things 
here is one of it

you just have to copy thier script on your page to make WebCam Chat work on your website.