Silverlight / WPF - how to add new control in wpf 3.5

Asked By sushant kumar kesari on 14-Nov-11 04:49 AM
hello frnds 

in wpf 3.5 version in tool box datagrid and datepicker is not showing .

how can i add new controls in tool box in wpf..........

plz reply asap
Suchit shah replied to sushant kumar kesari on 14-Nov-11 05:32 AM

Can’t Add WPF Controls From Toolbox?.

Follow below steps for it
1. Exit Visual Studio
2. Navigate to your user profile directory for Visual Studio (this is found at %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\VisualStudio\9.0)
3. Delete the TBD files found there (they are often hidden files)
4. Re-start Visual Studio and open your WPF application - the toolbox should be automatically rebuilt.

but still if you want to know how to add the control in toolbox for wpf you may refer below link over there it explain you step by step with screenshot

Reena Jain replied to sushant kumar kesari on 14-Nov-11 08:53 AM

By default WPF 3.5 does not come with a date time picker like winforms.

However a date picker has been added in the WPF tool kit produced by Microsoft which can be downloaded here. I guess it will become part of the framework in a future release.

It is simple to add a reference to the WPFToolkit.dll, see it in the tool box and distribute with your application by following the instructions on the website.

Before this was available other people had created 3rd party pickers (which you may prefer) or alternatively used the less ideal solution of using the winforms control in a WPF application.

Riley K replied to sushant kumar kesari on 14-Nov-11 09:18 PM

Follow these steps

  1. Right click on your Toolbox and click on Choose Items... Choose Items
  2. Filter the long list on the opened form by typing DataGrid as you can see on the image below: enter image description here

You can find it at the Common WPF Controls section in your Toolbox as you can see below. Just drag-and-drop it into your window designer and everything will be okay:

DataGrid at the toolbox

Kirtan Patel replied to sushant kumar kesari on 17-Nov-11 11:46 AM
Step 1: Download WPFToolkit from here

Step 2: Install The Setup 

Step 3: Now you will have additional Controls like datepicker control in your tool box