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Helo to all  I worked on Linq to sql

Now can anybody tell me that what are the general interview questions asked by Interviewer
and what queries of Linq be asked.
Jitendra Faye replied to goldy gupta on 15-Nov-11 01:06 AM
Follow these links-
Web Star replied to goldy gupta on 15-Nov-11 01:08 AM is one of the most important features in .NET Framework 3.5 (Visual Studio 2008). It's the new way to mapping database tables to classes, and as we know, we call this An article on how to write LINQ code quickly is always welcome for beginners, and I think that reading samples is the best way to learn a new technique.

These are samples created while I was learning and using LINQ, and I want to share them now. Hope they will be helpful. I will use Northwind database as a sample, which you can download from the link at the top of this article.

I recommend that you read if you would like to learn more.
Also there are good stuff on net

Suchit shah replied to goldy gupta on 15-Nov-11 01:13 AM
Check out the lost of below few question which help you for LINQ

What are the three main components of LINQ or Language INtegrated Query?
How are Standard Query Operators implemented in LINQ?
How are Standard Query Operators useful in LINQ?
What is the purpose of LINQ Providers in LINQ?
What are the four LINQ Providers that .NET Framework ships?
What are Quantifiers?
What is the benefit of using LINQ on Dataset?
What are the advantages of LINQ over Stored Procedures?
What is the disadvantage of LINQ over stored procedures?
Which assembly represents the core LINQ API?
What is the use of System.Data.DLinq.dll?
What is a Lambda expression?
What is Deffered Execution?
What are Interpreted Queries?
Use of IQueryable and IEnumerable interfaces.
Why var keyword is used and when it is the only way to get query result?
Explain Query Expression syntax, Fluent syntax, Mixed Queries
Use of let and into keyword, and how they help in making Progressive queries but still keep Defered execution.
What are Expression Trees?
What is the extension of the file, when LINQ to SQL is used?
Why can't datareader by returned from a Web Service's Method
What is the use of System.XML.XLinq.dll?
What are Quantifiers?
Difference between XElement and XDocument
When generating database mappings using LINQ to SQL, which tool allows you to create entity classes using a convenient graphical interface?
What is the difference between N-layer and N-tier architecture?
Tell me the exact difference between IQueryable and IEnumerable interface ?

Hope it helps