Other Languages - Axapta ... How to add an extra field in args.record()

Asked By vivek chirumamilla on 15-Nov-11 03:31 AM
Hi everyone,

My problem is that in existing class of ledgerTable there is args.record(), which is fetching values and storing in a buffer say common _journal, it contains values of it which has been fetched . So in the same buffer I want to add an another field of the same table. Please help me out on this one.
Asked By vivek chirumamilla on 15-Nov-11 03:56 AM
Hi Good Afternoon

Thanks for the  answer but my requirement is that by using the args.record() some values have been called to a particular class . Along with that values I want to add another field to be called . I hope the answer is well enough for the requirement but where to add the code.