Windows Vista - AHCI or IDE - Asked By Linda Hopkins on 29-Nov-11 03:15 PM

I have an Acer Aspire 1410 laptop that I am replacing the hard drive for. I am installing a new WD Scorpio Blue SATA 250GB drive. My question in bios there are 2 options for this drive AHCI or IDE, which will be better to use with the Acer  Vista Home  recover disk .  This is basically going to be used by teenage boy for school and internet.
Devil Scorpio replied to Linda Hopkins on 29-Nov-11 03:49 PM

Optical drives to my knowledge don't benefit from AHCI.
You have 2 controllers, Intel and Gigabyte.

1. Install SATA hard drives on the Intel controller and set it to AHCI.
2. Install Optical drives to the Gigabyte controller and set it to IDE.

Even if you did set all controllers to AHCI, double check the boot option and make sure that the optical drives are set as the first boot device.

Ideally, the hard drives take advantage of AHCI, so it doesn't matter whether the optical drive is set to AHCI or IDE.
Linda Hopkins replied to Devil Scorpio on 29-Nov-11 04:11 PM
Thank You!