ASP.NET - how to run webpage outside the debugger

Asked By anbu n on 01-Dec-11 01:21 AM

Unable to start debugging on th web server.
The webserver is not configured correctly.

running web page outside of the debugger may provide further information.

i could not able run my application because of above error. can any body help me out ,
how to run web page outside of the debugger .
smr replied to anbu n on 01-Dec-11 01:25 AM

follow these steps

To build and run a Web Forms page without the debugger

  1. In Solution Explorer, right-click your Web Forms page and click Set As Start Page.
  2. On the Debug menu, click Start without Debugging. Visual Studio saves all files in the project and then builds it. The project's start page is launched in the default browser.
    Tip   CTRL+F5 is the keyboard shortcut for Start without Debugging.
  3. To stop running the form and return to design mode, close the browser, or click Stop Debugging on the Debug menu.
dipa ahuja replied to anbu n on 01-Dec-11 01:25 AM
  • Make sure that IIS is configured to use Integrated Windows Authentication. Look for the checkbox on the Authentication Method dialog launched from the Directory Security tab of the site properties.
  • Make sure that HTTP Keep Alives are enabled. You'll find that checkbox on the Web Site tab of the properties dialog, in the connections section.
  • This one is strange, but it seemed to do the trick for many out there, add http://localhost to the trusted sites in Internet Explorer. To tell the truth, this seems to be a fix for the symtoms, not actually fixing the problem itself, but if it works it works. BTW, you'll have to uncheck the “Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone“ checkbox to add it as a trusted site.

Good luck.

Sakshi a replied to anbu n on 01-Dec-11 01:26 AM

the following link gives you the a to z of debugging from MSDN,
smr replied to anbu n on 01-Dec-11 01:26 AM

This error causes because of your website stopped in IIS or some other properties missed in your application to solve this error follow below methods. 

First Method

In this method first check your particular website has started or not if not start your website
Open you’re IIS and select your particular website right click on that site and select Manage WebSite under that click start option.
Now test your application if it works fine then ok otherwise check another method

Second Method

1)    Open IIS and now select your application ---> Right click on that application and select Properties

2)    Now one window will open in that Select Directory tab ---> under that select Application settings  ---> Click on “Create” button (Once it created that button text will change to “Remove”)

After that click Apply and click OK button.

If you’re using IIS7 no need to do the first and second steps just select your application and right click on it and select option “Convert to Application
Now run your application and test it I hope it will work fine otherwise follow another method.

Third Method

1)    1) Open  IIS
2)    2) Select your website and right click and go to properties
3)    3) After that select tab
4)    4) Under that click on Edit Configuration
5)    5) Select Application Tab
6)    6) Under Select C# as default language and check the Enable Debugging checkbox

Some times that default language was set to vb. After set the above properties run your application now it will work for you  Still if it doesn’t work for your follow another method

Fourth Method

Open the command prompt and run ASPNET_REGIIS.EXE with -i parameter

C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\aspnet_regiis -i

Now test your application it will work for you. If not check another method

Fifth Method

1)    1) Right click on your project in VS2005 or VS2008 or VS2010.
2)    2) Click on Properties
3)    3) Click on Web tab
4)    4) Under Servers, click on the radio button Use Visual Studio Development Server
 5) Check Auto Assign Port radio button
5)    6) Uncheck NTLM Authentication and Enable Edit and Continue
kalpana aparnathi replied to anbu n on 01-Dec-11 03:59 AM

Using ASP.NET Development Web Server

1. Create a Web page .aspx with content.

2. Delete (not just Cut) the Default.aspx Web page completely.

3. Right-click on the new Web page .aspx and set it as the start page.

4. Ctrl-F5 to start without debugging.

   a. the first page in the browser will show 'about:blank'

   b. click on the ASP.NET Dev Server icon in the tool tray at the bottom

       right and then click the link to the page given in the pop-up window.

   c. an FTP list of files should be displayed. Click on the Web page .aspx to view in the browser.

   d. a new window/tab opens in the browser and finally shows the content desired.