Silverlight / WPF - How to develop New silverlight application

Asked By Anto Bilson on 03-Dec-11 06:28 AM


I'm new in SilverLight Technology

so kindly help me to develop new application by using silverlight technology, I tried to create new application but i coludnt open desing view only open XAML (xml file )

so pls suggest to develop silverlight application


Suchit shah replied to Anto Bilson on 03-Dec-11 06:35 AM
Getting Started with Silverlight Application Development

When you want to learn a new technology, selecting the right entry point is very important. In this article, I have tried to provide the right starting point for Silverlight application development. You will learn how to start basic Silverlight application development using the different development options available. I have started my first Silverlight application using Notepad, which is the existing correct entry point for Silverlight application development. You will then learn what is happening behind the scenes when you start using Visual Studio to create a Silverlight application. You will also see how to develop a Silverlight application using Visual Studio, and a detailed list of default files created by the Silverlight application template. Finally, you will see the life cycle of a Silverlight application.
Anoop S replied to Anto Bilson on 03-Dec-11 10:18 AM
Silverlight project files are text files that you can create and edit using different tools. For example, you can use Visual Studio 2010 and also Expression Blend to create Silverlight projects or modify existing projects. For more information, see the Expression Blend documentation.

refer this for step by step procedure for how to create appication in silverlight using Visual Studio 2010
Anto Bilson replied to Suchit shah on 05-Dec-11 12:19 AM
Hi Suchit

I want learn more things about silverlight technology from you
can you guide me please?.
Now im Using vs 2008 ,but i couldnt install expression blend.
When i click design mode it will showing error
Loading cancelled ,
I've attached my mainpage.xaml please check then tell me how can solve the problem pls

so i couldnt design properly and also i want clear information about,
how can convert existing web application to silverlight,
 please  give details step by step, because im new entry in silverlight technology
Suchit shah replied to Anto Bilson on 05-Dec-11 07:46 AM

When you open a XAML file in the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Designer for Visual Studio, you can cancel the action by pressing the ESC key. When you cancel loading, the following message appears in the WPF Designer:

Load Cancelled

Loading of the visual designer was cancelled.

Resume loading the designer

You can click Resume loading the designer to continue loading the designer.

Depends on the concepts that are already in your project. Pretty hard to give you ideas without any information about what kind of website it is and what the goal of adding Silverlight is. Are you trying to spice things up? Do you want to improve the user experience? What are the goals?

Still you can look below links for window and web application convert to silverlight

Hope it helps