Other Languages - not enough rights to use table common('UNKNOWN') +error.

Asked By srikanth konda on 07-Dec-11 05:54 AM
when i am trying to open my parameters table in number sequence . i am getting the following error.

not enough rights to use table common('UNKNOWN') 
Jitendra Faye replied to srikanth konda on 07-Dec-11 05:57 AM
Check "Table" property of all the datasources on the form. Looks like this
property is blank on one or more datasources.
Suchit shah replied to srikanth konda on 07-Dec-11 05:58 AM
To resolve this problem, use one of the following methods.

Method 1Give users the "View" permission to the Administration module table
  1. Log on to Microsoft Dynamics AX by using an account that is a member of the Administrators group.
  2. On the Navigation Pane, click Administration, expand Setup, and then click User groups.
  3. Select the group that encounter the problem, and then click Permissions.
  4. Select the relevant domain, and then click Permissions tab.
  5. Under Security, expand Administration, and then click Tables.
  6. Click to select the View option in the Access section to grant the view permission to the user group for all administration tables.

    Note You can set all sub nodes under the Tables node to No access. However, you have to set the Tables node at least the View permission.
Method 2 Disable checking of table rights in the PurchTotals form
  1. In Application Object Tree (AOT), expand Forms, expand PurchTotals, and then expand Data Sources.
  2. Right-click Common, and then click Properties.
  3. Set the AllowCheck property to No.
  4. Save and recompile the PurchTotals form.
Anoop S replied to srikanth konda on 07-Dec-11 06:12 AM
that sounds like you have a "problem" on your formdatasource. You can check the datasources of the form for the lines (that will be most probable LedgerJournalTransVendInvoice). Do check the property "Table" of thedatasources, i think you will find one datasource where the property table is

Right Click on form --> set up --> information --> edit
expand form datasources  --> open the properties
you will find one of the formdatasource will be missing the table

if the anyone of the table is missing on the form , system issues the error you just mentioned

problem on number sequence - srikanth konda replied to Suchit shah on 08-Dec-11 12:26 PM
please help me with my query below
1.i have created a new module  and tried to create a number sequence reference without any compilation errors i have written all methods .
2.on number sequence form i have created a new row and when i tried to check the radio button/box on the field
      "In Use" i could not check/tick it.
3. finally i am not getting the number sequence automatically generated  in my table.
4. please tell me the "edt" on which we create the number sequence must be only a integer or a datatype of numbers.

please help me with this.