Other Languages - which new platform support native apps in mobiles

Asked By balaji mogadali on 07-Dec-11 05:59 AM
hi frds

which new software support native apps in mobiles 

pls help 

Jitendra Faye replied to balaji mogadali on 07-Dec-11 06:03 AM

When to go for a native mobile app:
1. The application requires high graphics performance or native capabilities like accelerometer, Bluetooth, camera, gyroscope etc.

2. The application has to interface with other native applications or features of the mobile devices like contact list, calendar etc.

3. The application required video and audio capabilities.

4. The company wants to reach out to prospective customers via the various app stores and take advantage of their sales channels.

5. The application can be run offline.

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Anoop S replied to balaji mogadali on 07-Dec-11 06:04 AM
Refer this, you can see complete list and clicking on each one you can find each ones details and year

balaji mogadali replied to Jitendra Faye on 07-Dec-11 07:15 AM
hi vickey ,
thanks for ur reply i always got relvant answer everytime from you keep continue this 
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Jitendra Faye replied to balaji mogadali on 07-Dec-11 07:59 AM
You always welcome.