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Hello All,

I am asking this question for helping my friend, he is a B.E(Electronics and Communication) graduate and a fresher(current year pass out). He want to settle down his future professional life in Middle East(Gulf Countries especially in Dubai) can someone suggest some very suitable engineering jobs matching to his qualification so that it will be very helpful for him to get a good career direction.

I heard that Software Engineering Jobs vacancies are less there!!! and Networking Engineering Job vacancies are
comparatively more!!! is that true? or else please suggest some other quality engineering jobs which has enough job scope for an EC Engineer. 

If I made a wrong type of question in this forum, kindly forgive me and direct me somewhere else where I can get some good career advice

Thanks in advance
Suchit shah replied to Ajain A K P on 10-Dec-11 06:46 AM
I would suggest you to get some Advice from the Carrer Consultant as every one is here a Professional if they have also idea but they want able to give you exact scenario and type of job available because of it is not their responsibility and also not their carrer option so if any one knows then also they would be able to guide you 20-25%

So I would suggest you to contact some Carrer Consultant because their job is to take care of all this thing so they would guide you properly even they guide you for what things or document or degree or minimum qualification required to go there even with Consulting they can help to reach over there and also help to get the job

Hope it helps u....
Riley K replied to Ajain A K P on 10-Dec-11 08:37 AM

I found one of this article giving brief description about emerging IT sector in dubai

Despite global economic headwinds, UAE and Dubai-based demand for IT products and services remains strong. Total sales in the nation were over $3 billion. It is expected that sales will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 14% in the next several years.
Every country invest millions of funds in developing IT sector by having tie-ups with international firms which will lead to employment.

So there are always good jobs in IT not in a particular stream, jobs are always there in ERP, Software, Product, Hardware, Networking sectors



Ajain A K P replied to Riley K on 11-Dec-11 08:50 PM
Dear Riley K,

Thank you so much for this fine article, it is really good to know almost all the details we want.
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Dear Suchit shah,

Thanks a lot for your good advice.

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