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Algorithm of the following?
Start  97, 54,33 ,20,17,85,55 40,null.
Suchit shah replied to Hafiz Ullah on 10-Dec-11 09:22 AM
On below link there is a tutorial to create an algorithm read it once and make it according to your requirement

Many times the efficiency of an algorithm depends on the data structures used in the algorithm. A wise choice in the structure you use in solving a problem can reduce the time of execution, the time to implement the algorithm and the amount of memory used. During SRM competitions we are limited to a time limit of 2 seconds and 64 MB of memory, so the right data structure can help you remain in competition. While some Data Structures have been covered before, in this article we'll focus on data structures for disjoint sets.

Hafiz Ullah replied to Hafiz Ullah on 10-Dec-11 02:12 PM
Q1:-Link list the following Algorithm.
start 54,33,20,17,85,55,40, null;