Lounge - Sorry about the slowness of the site over the last couple of days

Asked By Robbe Morris on 15-Dec-11 01:25 PM
Had some hardware issues that needed to be resolved.
dipa ahuja replied to Robbe Morris on 15-Dec-11 01:59 PM
ohh it was site problem ? i thought i got slow speed coz of my internet connection :) 
Neha Garg replied to Robbe Morris on 15-Dec-11 02:30 PM
Hey... I checked and restarted my PC twice.. :)

I thought it is something related to my PC or connection.
Robbe Morris replied to Neha Garg on 15-Dec-11 02:35 PM
I guess that says something good.  You guys have come to expect solid performance from the site so much that you'd check your own machine first.  :)

[)ia6l0 iii replied to Robbe Morris on 02-Jan-12 10:35 PM