Windows Vista - Windows Live mail. - Asked By Paul Szedik on 16-Dec-11 01:11 PM

There is an error message (Ox80072eff)hence,I can not send or receive messages.
dipa ahuja replied to Paul Szedik on 16-Dec-11 01:30 PM

You may encounter temporary connection-related errors when you use Windows Update


Microsoft Update to install updates:>


Access the following KB article via Internet Explorer (only) & run the Fix It in DEFAULT and AGGRESSIVE modes.>

dipa ahuja replied to Paul Szedik on 16-Dec-11 01:31 PM
Also check this for solution


• You are not connected to the Internet when you tried to synchronize your account

• Your proxy settings are not set.

• A third-party firewall is blocking Windows Live Mail from connecting to the Internet

• You do not have the latest Microsoft updates installed on your computer.


What to do?

I. Repair Internet Connection:

a) Click Start and click Run

b) Type ncpa.cpl and then press ENTER

c) Right-click your Internet connection icon

In Windows XP, click on Repair

In Windows Vista and in Windows 7, click on Diagnose


d) Follow the on-screen instructions.

e) Try installing Windows Live programs through

f) If your Internet connection still does not work, contact your Internet Service provider.
Neha Garg replied to Paul Szedik on 16-Dec-11 01:33 PM
Hello Paul,

1) Make sure you are not running any mail virus protection. If you have antivirus like - Trend remove it completely

2) Make sure you are not in the Administrator sign in. Go back to switch user and make sure you are in a regular user and not the Admin. Hope that helps.
Anoop S replied to Paul Szedik on 17-Dec-11 01:04 AM


Let's first make sure all the viruses and malware is gone.  What did you clean with?  try with this one