SharePoint - change the color of an item? - Asked By Bookworm on 21-Dec-11 03:14 AM


i have a question: when the workflow status is changed, i need to change the color of the item

so the items with completed status should have for example red color.
can be done this in sharepoint?

Jitendra Faye replied to Bookworm on 21-Dec-11 03:17 AM

I'd recommend the use of SharePoint Designer to build a Data View Web Part over using JavaScript (which is reliant on being injected via a CEWP, or via the masterpage).

Here's a tutorial for creating conditional formatting rules in a DVWP, which may prove helpful.

Maruthachalam Krishnamurthy replied to Bookworm on 14-May-12 01:41 PM
Have a look at this article which explains about changing the background color of the SharePoint List column based upon the values in it. 
Hope this helps you!