VB 6.0 - about class not registered error - Asked By preetha v on 25-Dec-11 06:06 AM

Hello sir/madam
    I have to do my project in vb connecting with access database. So when i am connecting ADODC and when i opened ADODC properties i am getting an error "class not registered ...." .... How can i rectify this error. If you able to tell today then i can complete my project.
Suchit shah replied to preetha v on 25-Dec-11 06:30 AM
You can try following way and resolved it

  1. Re-registered the msado15.dll 
  2. Reinstalled MSJET 4.0 
  3. Checked MDAC  should be no problem 
  4. Use ADO 2.8 instead
  5. Try going in to project-references and removing all the crap that gathers there and then recompile.

Out of all one of the way help u to solve the issue
preetha v replied to Suchit shah on 25-Dec-11 07:43 AM
Thank u so..much i ll try ur solution
Riley K replied to preetha v on 25-Dec-11 08:55 AM

To resolve this problem, register MSBind.dll again.

 To do this, you can use the Regsvr32.exe tool or you can add the reference to your Visual Basic 6.0 project so that the DLL is registered automatically. 

To add the reference to your project, follow these steps:

  • In Visual Studio .NET or in Visual Studio 2005, open your Visual Basic project.
  • On the Project menu, click Add References.
  • Click Browse, and then locate the MSBind.DLL assembly in the system32 folder.
  • Click MSBind.DLL, and then click Open.
  • Note In Visual Studio 2005, you do not have to click Open.
  • Click OK to apply the references to the project.
  • On the Run menu, click Start.
Refer this link

Jitendra Faye replied to preetha v on 25-Dec-11 11:33 PM

That particular CLSID is referring to the ADO Connection Class so it does look like it got wacked. What you could try is re-registering the ADO library (msado15.dll), assuming that it still exists. Just make sure to run the Regsvr32 utility under an elevated command prompt (Run as administrator).


For 32-bit ADO (under 64-bit Windows) the path to msado15.dll is the same but under Program Files (x86). Also for 32-bit COM component registration you need to use the 32-bit version of Regsvr32 under Windows/SysWOW64.