Other Languages - vertica Database - Asked By Thota Rajasekhar on 27-Dec-11 04:32 AM

Hi all..

I need a help on vertica Database.

1)  Is there any facility to declare and assign variables.

2) What is the equivalent keyword in vertica for (exec) in sql server.

3) Can we write a stored procedures in vertica?

4)Can you please suggest steps to write External Procedures in vertica.

Thanks in advance.

Riley K replied to Thota Rajasekhar on 27-Dec-11 05:03 AM

Here is a good doc that i found, hope it helps


Thota Rajasekhar replied to Riley K on 02-Feb-12 02:18 AM
Thanks a lot for your reply.

But i am expecting some clear syntactical information of creating an EXTERNAL PROCEDURE.
Please help me .

Thank you,