C# .NET - Which OOPS concept is used - Asked By anbu n on 28-Dec-11 07:30 PM

SmtpClient smtp_Client = new SmtpClient ();

smtp_Client.Credentials = new NetworkCredential("a", "b"); 

here in above in 2nd line ,
  smtp_Client is the object of class SmtpClient but  its assigned with class  NetworkCredential 

 what OOPS concept is used,

can somebody explain

Riley K replied to anbu n on 28-Dec-11 08:03 PM

In simple words here in the credentials they act like properties that gets or sets the value thus achieving encapsulation
the state of your type with properties

[)ia6l0 iii replied to anbu n on 28-Dec-11 09:45 PM
The smtp_client is not assigned with Network Credential. The Credentials property of the  smtp_client object is assigned to the NetworkCredential.

SmtpClient.Credentials Property needs a value of type System.Net.ICredentialsByHost. You can pass any class objects that implements this interface. NetworkCredential class happens to be one such class.

NetworkCredential has done something that can be termed as "Interface inheritance" or "Interface implementation".
Web Star replied to anbu n on 28-Dec-11 10:38 PM
Basically in OOPS, everything represent as an object and a class object may hold the another object .
So here the Credentials  property of SmtpClient  class hold the object of NetworkCredential class simply.

anbu n replied to [)ia6l0 iii on 30-Dec-11 12:27 AM
hi ,

thanks for your reply ,
if you are free... can u  please send some example code related to that