C# .NET - To install selenium IDE in Internet explorer

Asked By abinav shankar on 29-Dec-11 01:27 AM


I want to know whether it is possible to Install selenium Ide in Internet explorer
and also if it cannot be installed in IE how can the test cases be executed in IE
any help will be valued the most

Abinav Shankar

smr replied to abinav shankar on 29-Dec-11 01:58 AM

Selenium IDE is only for firfox and it will not identify anything from IE. But yeah you can write down the testcases manually by using Xpath.


Jitendra Faye replied to abinav shankar on 29-Dec-11 03:39 AM

Selenium does not have an IDE for Internet Explorer (any version). I haven't seen any under development either. You can check their http://clearspace.openqa.org/community/selenium/http://seleniumhq.org/ for updates but I their primary focus is FireFox for the IDE.

Selenium can run tests in Internet Explorer (including IE6) using the
http://seleniumhq.org/projects/remote-control/. You can record tests with the IDE in FireFox (or write tests in http://seleniumhq.org/about/platforms.html) and then use SeleniumRC to launch IE and run the tests.

For Internet Explorer IDEs similar to what Selenium gives in FireFox, check out http://watin.sourceforge.net/

Sri K replied to abinav shankar on 29-Dec-11 07:06 AM

we can install only selenium IDE in firefox. Selenium RC is a command line tool where we can run test suite in any browser.

Feel free to ask me if you have doubt in installing RC