SharePoint - BDC Identity field - Asked By Bookworm on 29-Dec-11 05:00 AM


i need some help about BDC Identity field, i've noticed that when i was creating external list over the same sql table, the bdc Identity was the same for the records,even when i delete the external content type and recreating it over the same table, againg the bdc identity was the same for the same records, like it was creating based on ID in the sql table.

the id in sql table is bigint, which type is not supported from the external list, and i want to know how trusted is bdc identity?

Sri K replied to Bookworm on 29-Dec-11 06:52 AM
Yes, in the Operation Edit wizard for External Content Type in SharePoint Designer 2010, by default, the identity column will not be checked as Input Parameters for the Create operation.