SharePoint - Attachment permission - Asked By Bookworm on 29-Dec-11 07:14 AM


i have these problem: i have 3 users using my application, and i need that these three users can see every item, but if one of them attached a document to an item, the other users cant delete that attachment

have you any idea how can this be possible?

smr replied to Bookworm on 29-Dec-11 07:17 AM

refer this

If you need to impersonate the same identity throughout the lifetime of your application, you can specify credentials on the identity element in your Web.config file. The following example shows how to impersonate a Windows account named "TestUser".

<identity impersonate="true" username="TestUser" password="P@ssw0rd" />
Bookworm replied to smr on 29-Dec-11 07:19 AM
but this rule is for all users, anyone of them can not delete attachments created of each other