Lounge - Yahoo toolbar is black - Asked By Sandra Spivey on 30-Dec-11 10:09 AM

The web page toolbars on my Yahoo homepage keep turning to a black background.  I used one tip where I have to to to control panel, options, display, high contrast, repeat, etc. etc. , but after a new boot up the black toolbars are still there.
Riley K replied to Sandra Spivey on 30-Dec-11 10:18 AM

"Right" click an open spot on the desktop, click Properties.

A Display Properties window will appear, click Appearance. Now change the Windows XP style and Color Scheme (2 different boxes) to something else and click "Apply".

Now change them back to what they were originally and click "Apply". Now Restart (re-boot) your computer. That should get rid of the problem. 

Try and let me know

Sandra Spivey replied to Riley K on 30-Dec-11 10:25 AM
So far, so good. Thanks. SBS
Riley K replied to Sandra Spivey on 30-Dec-11 10:28 AM