Other Languages - Matlab _ image blurring - Asked By hanan shater on 01-Jan-12 01:59 PM

I want to blur an image by removing the high frequencies from the DFT of that image
after reading the image i used the fft command > now i have the frequencies but can't figure out how to remove the high ones

any ideas !!!

Riley K replied to hanan shater on 01-Jan-12 08:00 PM

I am not sure with this,

You can blur image using Convolution Pixel Shader

Refer this links

hanan shater replied to Riley K on 01-Jan-12 09:04 PM
thanks Riley
I found what I was looking for in this Demo

Jitendra Faye replied to hanan shater on 01-Jan-12 11:26 PM
An image normally consists of an array of 'pixels' each of which are defined by a set of values: red, green, blue and sometimes transparency as well. But for our purposes here we will ignore transparency. Thus each of the red, green and blue 'channels' contain a set of 'intensity' or 'grayscale' values.

follow these links-


Hope this will help you.