SharePoint - approver comments - Asked By Bookworm on 03-Jan-12 07:40 AM


I want to save in current item the approver comments, is it possible? i mean, when you approve a task , there is a field coments that you can write smth, and now i need this field in my custom list

any help?

Anil Kumar replied to Bookworm on 04-Jan-12 02:07 AM
Hi Bookworm,

Please find the link below for your requirement:

Here you can refer to the 2nd picture and the text below it which states what you need:
View the workflow status   While the workflow is in progress, the workflow owner (the person who starts the workflow) or the workflow participants can check the Workflow Status page on the Office SharePoint Server 2007 site to see which participants have completed their workflow task. The workflow owner can also update active tasks or add or update the list of participants. When all of the workflow participants complete their workflow task, or when the specified number of people have provided their approval, the workflow ends, and the workflow owner is automatically notified that the workflow has completed. After it is completed, the Approval workflow consolidates all of the comments from participants and sends these comments to the workflow owner in an e-mail message.

Also you can read a good article here:

Hope these help you.
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