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I am looking for a comparison between Microsoft Project 2007 and Project Server 2010.  I need to write a justification to move to Project Server 2010
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Here is a pdf that talks about the Comparison.

Here is a list of new features of 2010.

Hopefully it would give you enough justification.
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The major differences between Project Server 2010 and Office Project Server 2007 are the following:

(1) Project Server 2010 requires Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 to be installed on the computer running Project Server and on all Project Web App servers within a SharePoint farm.
(2) The PSI includes both the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) interface and the ASMX interface for Web services.
(3) The Project Server workflow platform is integrated in the PSI, business object layer, and DAL, and built on Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) in the SharePoint platform.
(4) Project Server task, assignment, and assignment status data is integrated with Microsoft Exchange Server, instead of with a Microsoft Outlook add-in.
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Thanks, this answer gets me closer to my need!  Now I have to do the number crunching for time savings.
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Good to know but could you compare just 2007 not 2007 Server to 2010 Server?
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Thank you very much.  This will surely help!
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Glad to help!