Lounge - data card - Asked By sachin on 06-Jan-12 12:09 AM

Could any1 pls let me know which is the data card usb modem to buy in bangalore wih reasonable cost & good service.
Jitendra Faye replied to sachin on 06-Jan-12 12:11 AM

It is better to go for shopping site, search your iten there , here you will get information about item and price also.
Suchit shah replied to sachin on 06-Jan-12 01:09 AM
You can have a just look on below link to buy USB datacard


Even you can Buy the Airtel or Tata Photon DataUSB card both are good both have some good service . for the Review if you just google it you get the Good Review... but in my opinun this 2 are quite good you can comapre the price and buy anyone among this 2
kalpana aparnathi replied to sachin on 06-Jan-12 02:37 AM

    yes its better to puarchse datacard from banglore with reasonable cost .
dipa ahuja replied to sachin on 06-Jan-12 06:57 AM
Few things to keep in mind before buying

1. Ask people who are currently using the modem.
2. See online forums of those providers, their services, their complaints etc.

Because many time we just buy product and cannot get good services, so better to do servery about the providers and then buy the product