Windows Vista - I can't get rid of AZmodual - Asked By Joe Sottile on 06-Jan-12 12:24 AM

I can't get rid of AZmodual
Jitendra Faye replied to Joe Sottile on 06-Jan-12 12:29 AM
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Most likely from your symptoms is that Under Tools, Options, General tab, you have enabled the two WordPerfect options. Disable them (clear the check boxes).
kalpana aparnathi replied to Joe Sottile on 06-Jan-12 02:49 AM

Try this :

1. get all the XP drivers you'll need, save them to a usb key drive or a CD or something ( unless you opt not to reformat.. and it not necessary to reformat to install xp over vista , then you can save all the driver in one folder that easily accessible ), you do this by going into the control panel / device manager inside of vista and make note of all the hardware devices driver you need to get.... at this point google is your best friend for finding driver, but most manufacturer's of computer have the xp drivers for their computer on their website, sometime you do have to hunt as most are fully switched over to vista

chip set
wifi adapter
sound card
specialty hardware ( finger print scanner..soft modems.. )

those are the basic drivers you'll definitely need
windows xp will fill in the missing drivers if it's a sp2 CD

2. you need a bootable xp pro sp2 ( legit would be nice,,,, )
3. you need to know how to change the boot order in the BIOS to boot to CD rom 1st
4. load the xp cd.. boot to it, install ( delete the existing windows installation when it prompts ) and go forward
once you boot into xp install drivers as normally you would

I just did the conversion on a brand new toshiba laptop ( model A205-S4639 ) from Vista Ultimate to XP Pro SP2 and it run much faster than Vista and is rock solid. I did however have to hunt for the drivers ( Toshiba or Europe and Canada ) for the drivers as Toshiba USA did not have any XP drivers that were easy to find for my model. Keep in mind your hardware is not necessarily new, and therefore has XP drivers written for it, and as such such hardware was used in another computer simliarly equipted like your before Vista came out.