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I have a xml i/p instance which has one field called action.
When i generate an o/p instance 2 more actions needs to get generated..
these action generated will have attributes with values..

I m using a BizTalk map for this. I have used a script functoid and connect it to the destination node which has an action.
but i m unable to write an xslt which will help in recursion so that other 2 actions will get created ,

The destination xsd has one action field. the other fields i want to populate in output instance are :
action name="declare",  action name="calculate formula", action name="data" ....

How can i write the xslt, please advice ....

- <action name="declare">
  <attribute dtype="string" name="ContactID" value="" />
- <action name="calculateformula">
  <attribute out_var="ContactID" formula_name="contact_id" />
- <action name="data">
- <main>
- <row number="1">
  <descr>Astea International Inc.</descr>
  <cc_contact_id in_var="ContactID">in_var</cc_contact_id>
  <cc_contact_first_name>James Howlett</cc_contact_first_name>
  <cc_phone_id>+612 8437 3809</cc_phone_id>
- <address_xref>
- <row number="1">
  <address_1>118 Christie Street</address_1>
  <city>St Leonards</city>
  <phone_id>+612 8437 3800</phone_id>
  <fax_phone_id />

Hi, i want to hard code the action values using xslt ..... - Antariksh Mistry replied to Antariksh Mistry on 08-Jan-12 10:16 PM

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Hi, i want to hard code the action values using xslt ..... - Asked By Antariksh Mistry on 08-Jan-12 10:17 PM

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