SharePoint - pass from one page to another - Asked By Bookworm on 09-Jan-12 06:10 AM


I need to go from page1 to page2, on a button event in page1

how is the code to do this in sharepoint 2010?

Bookworm replied to kalpana aparnathi on 09-Jan-12 06:22 AM
i mean two pages inside a sitecollection,
how can i link them together?

D Company replied to Bookworm on 09-Jan-12 06:27 AM
you can use below code line


with sandbox solution use below

dipa ahuja replied to Bookworm on 09-Jan-12 06:40 AM


Add a using directive to Microsoft.SharePoint.Utilities 
Jitendra Faye replied to Bookworm on 09-Jan-12 02:56 PM
You can use Response.Redirect() to navigate from one page to second page.