Lounge - How to fix the file system errors using ScanVolumeEX?

Asked By WinCE User on 10-Jan-12 07:33 AM
Hi All,
I'm a beginner in WinCE. I'm trying to create a console application to fix the file system errors using ScanVolumeEX(). Is it possible to do the fix using ScanVolumeEX() in non UI mode?

Thanks in Adavance
WinCE user
Jitendra Faye replied to WinCE User on 10-Jan-12 08:06 AM
You can do these simple things to check for other possible causes:
  • Run Activity Monitor to see that this is NOT due to temporarily high CPU and/or Memory usage.
  • Check the system log using Console.app or running tail -f /var/log/system.log in Terminal. If your system is having some I/O error then it is sure that there is an HD failure issue.

follow this link-

Sri K replied to WinCE User on 11-Jan-12 06:21 AM