Java - publish webservice using Eclipse-Axisservice-Tomcat in remote machine

Asked By anbu n on 13-Jan-12 10:43 AM

we've published a web service in local system using Eclipse - Axis service- Tomcat server .
using that local URL we 're able to access the web methods successfully.

But how to publish this same web service to remote machine ?

kindly give us some idea
Robbe Morris replied to anbu n on 13-Jan-12 10:42 AM
Wouldn't you just perform the same steps on your server?  You'd have to login remotely of course and ftp your files up to the server.
[)ia6l0 iii replied to anbu n on 13-Jan-12 12:50 PM
I can give you an "idea".

In the Eclipse Project Explorer, right click on the project and choose export. You should get an option to export as WAR file. Save it to some folder. After that, access the Tomcat Web Application Manager of your remote server and upload the WAR file. 

The set of instructions for using Tomcat Web Application manager is neatly described in this link.
Hope this helps.
anbu n replied to [)ia6l0 iii on 16-Jan-12 04:18 AM
thanks ... i've worked in your idea, & have sucessfully deployed it in the local machine

below is the URL : is our local system IP no.,

but we could not access this above link in another neighboring machine connected to same network, i want this link to be accessed in other machines[inside network or remotely via internet].... can u give us some idea  regarding this....

[)ia6l0 iii replied to anbu n on 16-Jan-12 09:44 PM
I am glad to help. 

And on your two followup questions:

Port 8080 needs to open and allow incoming traffic. Speak to your network administrator and ask them to do relevant changes on the firewall in the Tomcat machine. This would allow intranet traffic.

To enable access from the internet, you need to set up a dns (domain name server) and do a mapping to your internal tomcat web server. Again, Server Administrators need to do this for you. And also they will have to configure the necessary certificates and port as per your need.