ASP.NET - is there any problem by download rad controlls 60 days trailversion

Asked By mani on 20-Jan-12 09:48 AM
hi..i am downloading radcontrolls 60days trail is there will occure any problem after 60 days in my applcation which is developed by using that 60days trail version rad tool???
D Company replied to mani on 20-Jan-12 09:53 AM
Hello Mani,

If it is not a real time application , you can use trail version, in general trail versions have the functionality. so, after 60 days
either they disable their functionality or they will show their message some where in your app.that you cannot remove

Hope this will help you

mani replied to D Company on 20-Jan-12 09:56 AM there any way to free download radtools for my real time applications??
D Company replied to mani on 20-Jan-12 10:07 AM
Hello friend,

Again if you download the free version, same problem you will have to face same problem.

Always make a practice as much as possible use genuine software or tool if you are developing any real time application

Browse these links for more detail

[)ia6l0 iii replied to mani on 20-Jan-12 09:53 PM
After 60 days, you will have to purchase the licensed version. And also remember, you will have to rebuild your project with reference to the new assemblies. 

The telerik link below tells you the general procedure of upgrading from trial version to licensed versions.

Hope it is clear.