ASP.NET - how to make pictorial presentaion ? - Asked By sunil pandey on 20-Jan-12 11:46 PM

hi all..
i want to make sales graph in
Anoop S replied to sunil pandey on 21-Jan-12 12:34 AM
you can directly use MSChart, just refer this article, is in but you can use similar methods EditCopy() & EditPaste() in c# also, for querying data from more than one table use joins in sql statements, link

or you can use excel chart or some 3rd party charting tools like fusion chart,
or chart using GDI+

Suchit shah replied to sunil pandey on 21-Jan-12 01:13 AM
Take a look at It has advanced bar chart functionality and hundreds of other features and chart types. It could be useful for your current and future projects. The component has lots of examples with c# code. There is a free fully functional not time limited evaluation version available for download after registration

Even you can use the Rad Chart of Telerkit