ASP.NET - how to mark image in text - Asked By mani on 21-Jan-12 08:21 AM

hi.i have text box in typing some texts...and i will select sone text and  hide(mark)  some image in my text...and save..and i will display that texts in gridview..then when i mouseover that marked text i have to show approriate image in can i do it..anyone have idea????
dipa ahuja replied to mani on 21-Jan-12 10:10 AM
What you mean by image in text? when you are writing in textbox is image is displaying somewhere ?

or any image control. be more specific with your query , its little confusing to understand 
mani replied to dipa ahuja on 22-Jan-12 12:30 AM requirement is i am developing forum i will type some paragraph in my textbox to post in forum..
so i need to show fix some image to show in popup on mouseover in certain text after post..
for that i will upload some image for that text when posing itself..
how can i make to show that image on mouseover on certain text when posting?????
[)ia6l0 iii replied to mani on 22-Jan-12 03:44 AM
I hope you use a HTML Editor to capture text. If not, you should use one. 

You can then allow the user to insert images in a similar fashion to the editor we use in this website. And if you want to have the image shown on hover, then you should find ways to alter the html and do the lightbox approach on the images added.