IIS - how to covert the web application into .exe file

Asked By vijaya saladi on 23-Jan-12 02:27 AM
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                I developed a web application using ASP.Net with back end as C#.now I want to host my application anywhere in another system without having any .Net frameworks so I have to convert my application to executable file(.exe).How can I do that.Please suggest me a solution.

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Chintan Vaghela replied to vijaya saladi on 23-Jan-12 02:41 AM



ASP.Net applications are hosted and run via IIS, so No, you cannot convert an ASP.Net application into an EXE directly.



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dipa ahuja replied to vijaya saladi on 23-Jan-12 02:56 AM
You can run your web app by hosting in IIS

Step 1 : Build - > Publish Web Site

Step 2 : Publish it in the IIS server's folder : C:\inetpub\wwwroot

Step 3: Open IIS 

Step 4:  Expand the Root Node of the IIS in the left panel. In the Sites node you will get you published site

Step 5 : Right click on the your site and Choose Convert to Application:

Step 6: Now it will be converted to application  Now Right click on it and choose Browse :

Jitendra Faye replied to vijaya saladi on 23-Jan-12 03:25 AM
If you want to create a installer for your web application then you will need to create a web setup project .

This feature is not available in the Visual Web Developer Express version.  But there is a open source tool available on
Chintan Vaghela replied to vijaya saladi on 23-Jan-12 03:38 AM


Check following link for more detail





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Riley K replied to vijaya saladi on 23-Jan-12 03:39 AM

You can create  a web setup project

Open visual studio -> File->New->Project->Other project types->Setup and deployment->Web setup project

Refer this link


kalpana aparnathi replied to vijaya saladi on 23-Jan-12 04:53 AM
For convert web application into .exe file use this steps:

1, Go to file menu > click Add > new project >now “Add New Project” dialog will appear.

2.Select the “Other Project Types” and click “Setup and Deployment” projects,Choose “Setup Project”give name project name in name text box finally click OK.

3.New project appear in solution explorer,for eg., you have give the name “MyEXE” file will be displays with given name.

4.Right click the MyEXE > go View > click “File System”

5.You can see the “File System on TargetMachine”under  three folders
 Application Folder
 User’s Desktop
 User’s Program Menu

6.Select Application Folder and right click Add>Project Output>select Primary output

7. Select User’s Desktop richt click on the second window>click create new shortcut>select output file from Application folder>change the file name from  primary output name to MyEXE

next >>

same procedure follows the user’s program menu also

8.If you want to change the Manufactures name for exe,just right click the project go to properties

change the properties as per you requirement

9.Finally Build the new project After successfully Build the project myEXE(Setup) will be appear in Application Debug or Release folder(depend upon the properties settings)

EXE or installer will be available on his physical path…

When you want to install  the EXE on the client machine,you should be installed .NET Framework on that machine because, Applications and controls written for the .NET Framework v2.0 requires the .NET Framework Redistributable Package version 2.0 to be installed on the computer where the application or control runs.