IIS - what is wrong with my solution - Asked By vijaya saladi on 23-Jan-12 02:46 AM


              I got the following error.,when ever I redirect from one page to another page.

Server Error in '/sponsor.web' Application.

HTTP Error 404 - Not Found.

Version Information: ASP.NET Development Server 

I check all my connections and coding all are clear.,but why I got this error please help me.,I tried a lot for this.

Thank You.,
dipa ahuja replied to vijaya saladi on 23-Jan-12 02:52 AM
Check the name of your page where you are redirecting. The error is coming because file name you have provided to redirect is wrong
Chintan Vaghela replied to vijaya saladi on 23-Jan-12 02:53 AM
wrong page redirect.

there is no page in your application.

If you wrong page redirct then always dispaly this type of message
Jitendra Faye replied to vijaya saladi on 23-Jan-12 03:18 AM
Yes, this error comes, when you try to access any resource which is not present.

so first check path and name of the resource in your code.
kalpana aparnathi replied to vijaya saladi on 23-Jan-12 03:48 AM
please check your both web page name either any problem with it .
Asked By vijaya saladi on 23-Jan-12 05:30 AM

                  I had given every thing correct no wrong in file name or path and file also exist but I got the error.
Asked By vijaya saladi on 23-Jan-12 06:09 AM
              The page is there.What I did is I moved the page to another folder,after that this error came ,I modified the redirects in .CS file and check every thing correctly even though I got this.

Thank you.,

Suchit shah replied to vijaya saladi on 25-Jan-12 08:15 AM

Have you check the Authentication setting or if you have impersonation configured or something like that. set to  Control for Network Service

 In the Authentication settings for the site and  made a change to Anonymous Authentication. Initially it was set to Specific User and I believe the user name was set to something like IUSER. changed this setting to Application pool identity, which is Application Pool in IIS is set to use Network Service.