Lounge - Finding A True Full-Duplex Line Operation Modem

Asked By Bill Holt on 24-Jan-12 07:15 PM
Hello, Eggheads!

I'm what I call a TechnoTard: actually quite intelligent, but clearly out of my element when I venture too far into the digital domain.

I am insistent upon using my laptop as a full-featured call center. It's a combination of need and pure determination which propels me at this juncture. I've been living without a landline phone for a long time and I just activated a DSL account. The provider has the most affordable game in this small town -- partly because of impinging competition -- and establishing a landline connection was a mandatory contingency to acquiring Internet service.

Well, I'm a neophyte where computer telephony is concerned. This circuitous walk in the dark has become increasingly frustrating since I set my mind to employing the computer as a total communications hub. Logic dictates that this undertaking would obviate the need to go out and buy a fairly costly phone, as I'd want one of sufficient sophistication to make it worth having at all. I'd save on my cell service, too, Yeah, I could get a bare-bones phone for under ten bucks, plug it into the signal filter and get Google Voice or a similar program, but this has become a passionate endeavor. I thought it would be hip to have a laptop that supplanted the POTS. Edmund Hillary climbed Everest 'because it was there', and people can control their home environments from halfway around the world with a couple of finger swipes across the screen of a smartphone. Why can't I accomplish this apparently daunting feat that should be laughably simple?!

I found an equally focused kindred soul in a Google Voice forum. His plight began in late 2009, continued into early 2010, and the thread stopped shortly thereafter, so his ultimate resolution is unclear. I gather that this objective was  an easy one to meet about 15 years ago, as most machines were equipped with features that allowed for their use as ultra-expensive phones.

This is getting to be a lengthy letter, for which I apologize, so I'll simply implore you to help me with a solution: why does it seem that a legitimate full-duplex modem can't be found? I feel like I'm trying to locate a speakeasy ( ha... I am, in a poetic sense! ) or a Rave and suddenly nobody knows nuttin'. All of the literature I've read makes this project seem possible, but when it comes to cut-and-dried results, complaints abound about how a fax/data/voice/speakerphone modem proves to be a lemon for true full-duplex telephony use after the purchase. I might not be able to do this due to expense when all is said and done, but I am sure that this is a viable plan. I'd be grateful for a definitive answer and some sage advice arrived at through your collective experience. Thank you!

[)ia6l0 iii replied to Bill Holt on 24-Jan-12 07:32 PM
ZoomTel has few models that are full-duplex featured. You may want to check out their models
Bill Holt replied to [)ia6l0 iii on 24-Jan-12 09:30 PM
Thanks, and thanks for the very quick reply! I expected to be left twisting in the cyber-wind!